Shredding Systems
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Teagle Tomahawk machines can shred any kind of soft plant bales (straw, hay, corn stem, alfalfa etc.) into 15-400 mm chops. Shredders can be delivered with either hammers or blades. Screen sizes are: 10 mm, 13 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm, 21 mm, 28 mm, 36 mm. Default configuration of Tomahawk shredders is a cardan shaft drive that can be connected to any tractor’s hydraulic system, so to use them out ont he fields. In case of electric drive is needed, we equip the shredders with electric motors and automatic control units and a bale moving tables. Capacity of Tomahawk shredders depend on the quality of the materials and bales used (humidity, dust content, bale density etc.)

Teagle Tomahawk technical data

Tomahawk 404/404M 505/505M 505XL/505XLM
Mass (kg) 583 675 1 135
Packed width (mm) 1 980 2 000 2 000
Width (in operation, mm) 2 060 2 130 2 130
Drum diameter (mm) 1 570 1 830 1 830
Bale diameter (mm) 1 250 1 500 1 500
Height (mm) 2 100 2 100 3 680


Totalpellet Ltd. performs a complex, full-scale activity over biomass burning: The company was established in 2003 by 100% Hungarian stakeholders and has been successfully operating since then. During this decade our firm has sold and installed more than 200 automatic biomass boilers across the country and beyond our borders. Their total power exceeds 14.4 MW. Totalpellet Ltd. is an official, contracted importer and distributor partner of the Polish Metalowo Kotlarski SAS (SAS), the Italian Ct. Pasqualicchio (CTP) boilers and of the Polish Pellas X burners. In addition to sales and installation of these boilers professional warranty and out of warranty repair services are provided by us with a countrywide coverage. More

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