Pelletizing Plants

Gyártósor: Ciklon, ventillátor, daráló
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Prés: matrica
Pelletálás gyártósor
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Possible Row Materials:

  • Straw, bran, mill industry wates materials, sawdust, paper, sunflower husk


Main Units:

  • Bale moving table, shredder, magnetic metal separator

  • Separator cyclone, hammer mill

  • Dust separator cyclone, buffer with mixer, homogenizer

  • Pellet press, steam generator

  • Screening unit, bucket elevator, cooler/dryer

  • Dust filtering system

  • Transport pipes, ventilators, filters

  • Electric main control box with PLC unit


Electric Power Consumption:

  • 190 kW in case of a 1 t/h plant

  • 240 kW in case of a 1.5 t/h plant


Field Requirements:

  • A field size not less than 300 sqm

  • Internal height: 6 m

  • Enough room for raw material and product



  • Weighing packing unit (15 kg plastic bags)

  • Big bag packing unit


Project Process:

  • Site survey

  • Manufacturing process of machine units

  • Assembly session

  • Building of electric system

  • Set into operation, training

  • Calibrations, measurements (shock and fire protection, noise and dust level), classification documents. Production capacity classification.


Delivery Terms:

  • 105 days


Net Prices:

  • 1 t/h capacity plant: HUF 79,900,000.-*

  • 1.5 t/h capacity plant: HUF 99,900,000.-*



(*) The above prices are valid for Hungary. The prices are meant to inform and not to be considered as an offer.


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